JF Dialogues #01 - Designer & Interior Architect, Hanna Särökaari.

Welcome to JF Dialogues. Through this series we'll be providing insights into the practices of designers and architects through digestible, weekly interviews.

Our first interviewee is Helsinki-based designer and interior architect, Hanna Särökaari. The young designer is a member of Luomo Collective, a group of up-and-coming design talents who in 2016 were granted the Muoto Promise award for good design.

We really love Särökaari's minimalist reinterpretations of classic product designs.

1. How has your work evolved in the past year?

I would say that ecological values have taken more part in my design.

2. What have you not achieved that you would like to?

Create timeless design. It is too soon to say if I have succeeded or not.

3. What’s the most rewarding element of your process?

When you can actually see the finished product for the first time.

4. What book has influenced you more than any other?

Hmm. I would say Tove Janssons novels.

5. What’s been your most rewarding project?

I can´t name just one. All of my projects have been rewarding different ways.

6. Where do your ideas come from?

I get inspiration everywhere. Nature, architecture, art and city surroundings are very inspirational. Walking in the nature is very calming. That is a good balance for creative work and for your mindset.

7. When people experience your work, what emotion(s) do you want them to feel?

I think that if you can achieve any emotion, then you have succeeded in your work, no matter what the emotion is.

8. What does your studio look like?

Messy but organised. Prototypes have taken over the space.

9. How would you describe your personal design philosophy?

I want to try to create timeless design. Something that lasts and works well after many years.

10. If you could go back in time, would you navigate your career differently?


You can find more of Hanna Särökaari's work on her website, or follow her on instagram to keep up to date with her latest design projects.