JF Dialogues #03 - Furniture & Object Designer, Lucca Zeray.

Number three in the JF Dialogues series features insights from New York-based designer and the creative mind behind the "Work to Play" collection, Lucca Zeray.

"The Work to Play collection is a series of furniture and objects that are made with accessibility and sustainability in mind. The collection stems from the belief that the things you choose to surround yourself with should not be determined by your socioeconomic standing. Having access to well-made and affordable objects is a right, not a choice."

1. How has your work evolved in the past year?

In the past year I have taken play much more seriously, my studio practice has always been based around the “work to play / play to work” philosophy. Things got too serious last year. 

2. What have you not achieved that you would like to?

I would like to produce an item of furniture or home good that is accessible in cost and increases the quality of domestic life drastically. 

3. What’s the most rewarding element of your process?

When a sample comes back and it works.

4. What book has influenced you more than any other?

The power broker by Robert Caro, not only is it personal as a native New Yorker but it thoroughly dives into how power is obtained.