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Studio 2 / Chrome / Blue-light

£179,00 Prezzo regolare
£37,99Prezzo scontato
  • Our Josh Fano screen lenses are able to filter out a significant amount of harmful blue light emitted from phone and computer screens, keeping your eyes safe and comfortable, even on those long, digital days.

    The Studio Collection frames are produced from the same high-grade titanium used in aerospace technologies. This grade of titanium has the highest strength-to-weight ratio of any metal, meaning the frames are exceptionally durable whilst weighing in at only 12.05 grams.

    The front part of the frame is pure Japanese titanium to provide a sturdy front structure, while the temples are crafted using a special beta-titanium alloy to offer flexibility and comfort.

    The adjustable nose pads are 15mm long, anti-allergic and made from high-grade soft silicone. 

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