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Josh Fano studio is inspired by timeless architectural movements and the visionaries that shape them. We believe that architecture has a profound influence on how society operates, and pay homage to this through subtle references in our eyewear frame designs.


Josh Fano founder, Aditya Kasana, was first influenced by architecture whilst growing up in New Delhi, India; a city rife with 1960’s brutalist structures. Aditya became fascinated with architectural movements that had been occurring elsewhere; with a particular interest in the work of Le Corbusier and Frank Lloyd Wright. Eventually, his research into structural design philosophy was combined with his passion for eyewear. Josh Fano was born.


Soon after Josh Fano’s inception, Aditya  met Ewan Waddell, an art director and photographer with a similar adoration towards 20th-century architecture and design movements. Following their initial encounters in the creative circles, Ewan joined Josh Fano. Utilising his knowledge of creative practice, Ewan reinvigorates the narrative of the studio through meticulous aesthetic research, progressive ideas, and unique visual approaches.

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